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Alurollo Mountain Top Roll - Black Edition

Alu Cover Mountain Top Roll - Black Edition

Isuzu D-Max Double Cab ex 2012

Product number: 123230050B


The new alu cover Mountain Top Roll was designed by the manufacturer Mountaintop for high demands in longevity, sturdiness and leakproofness . The high processing standard and the high quality selection of components are immediately recognizable and are verified during the montage as well as in long-term use. For requests from germany, austria and the czech republik please contact your Isuzu Partner

The lock with a push button seals and unlocks the cover. Pulling the side drawstrings allows for locking the roll cover even when it is partially open. Additionally, the tailgate is locked.

The alu cover is mounted with alu clamps. For the water drainage pipes, two holes have to be drilled into the cargo bed. For fixing the tailgate lock, it has to be drilled on the inside of the tailgate as well.
Roll bars and cross bars are available for additional purchase!

Note from the manufacturer:
Because of the chemical makeup of the cleaning agents, the usase of a car wash can't be recommended for the cleaning of the anodized covers.




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