Kamoto Feuerschale Large

Kamoto fire bowl large

470x60x650 mm - approx. 9,6 kg

Product number: 242609102


No matter if you are on a camping adventure, a holiday at the beach or simply in your garden at home - with The Primus Kamoto fire bowl, designed in Sweden, is perfectly suited for camping adventures, holidays at the beach or simply in your garden at home. The Kamoto fire bowl is constructed to shield the soil beneath from heat and can therefor also be used safely in nature, away from the campsite, to provide that cosy campfire feeling. An integrated ash container keeps the ground protected from heat and falling embers. By lowering the grill grate, you can prepare food or bake bread on the open fire. The Kamoto is equipped with both, a stainless steel windshield, and an extra air supply intake in order to allow efficient burning. The powder-coated steel frame makes the Kamoto very strong and durable. When folded, the bowl is very easy to carry, transport and can be reassembled quickly and easily.

Technical details:

Weight: 9.600,00 g
Width: 60,00 mm
Height: 650,00 mm
Depth: 470,00 mm


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