Antirutschmatte für Boden mit orig. Wanne und Mountaintop

Anti-slip mat for floor with original plastik bed liner and Mountaintop

Ford Ranger Double Cab ex 2016

Product number: 142607042


The anti-slip mat - an everyday revolution for your Ford Ranger!
Perfect for private use as well as for trade, industry, crafts and logistics.
The mat is tailor-made, so no further cutting is necessary. Whether during rapid acceleration, emergency braking or on twisty/ uneven roads - the anti-slip mat reduces the possibility of your load sliding a dreat deal. Not only does it keep things tidy, it also protects you and your pickup truck from expensive repair costs or unsightly scratches in the interior, which reduce the value of your vehicle.
In addition to a soft, permanently elastic, insulating and non-slip surface, the rubber mat offers many other advantages:
  • Protects the original truck bed lining, side panels and rear walls
  • Perfect fit - no cutting necessary
  • Reduces sliding
  • Extremely tear and scratch resistant (8 mm material thickness)
  • Uniformly even surface
  • Water permeable
  • Odourless
  • Easy cleaning (washable)
  • Weather and temperature resistant up to 120° Celsius
  • Long life cycle
  • Heat and sound insulating
  • Gentle on animal joints
  • No space loss on the loading area
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Made in Germany
Suitable for the Ford Ranger double cab ex 2016-2019 with original Plastic Bed Liner.
Basic requirement is a clean and dry surface. The anti-slip mats have a defined proportion of hollow space, which, in contrast to closed or foil surfaces can absorb a higher amount of dirt. Nevertheless, a dirty loading area can impair the anti-slip properties.
Anti-slip mat on SBR/NBR basis
UV-light, sodium chloride, conditionally with weak acids and alkalis
(swelling of hydrocarbons, oils and fuels etc.)
If the anti-slip effect is weakening, this may be due to the mat being dirty. Cleaning is done by shaking out, vacuuming, washing, if necessary treatment with a high-pressure cleaner (max. 80 bar, 60° degrees, min. 10 cm nozzle distance to the mat) and allow to dry (In the case of heavy soiling, e.g. by animals, commercial washing up liquid can also be used for cleaning).