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Urgent Update 27.10.2020: Partial shipping delays

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Due to the ongoing pandemic we have moved our staff to 50% home office, so we only work in shifts in the local office. This ensures our internal processes are not affected. With compulsory masks throughout the office building and weekly in-house testing for Covid-19, we hope to keep the virus away as much as possible.

Availability of goods:

As a result of the pandemic, we unfortunately have to inform you that some orders cannot be fulfilled on time.

Reasons for this are, supply bottlenecks in the manufacturing countries, Covid-19 cases at our suppliers as well as their limited capacities, which cause additional delay. Container shipping is currently also only possible to a limited extent. This means that journeys in the entire global network can be cancelled or can only be carried out with delays, causing further delays in delivery. Nevertheless, we do everything in our power to deliver the goods to you as quickly as possible.

Delayed delivery of Sammitr Hardtops:

Unfortunately, our manufacturer Sammitr is currently experiencing major delays in delivery. The manufacturer is currently undergoing a pandemic-related restructuring process, which unfortunately also directly affects deliveries to Europe. This may result in significantly longer delivery times. All customers who are affected by delivery delays will of course be informed immediately.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

ausziehbare Ladefläche WORKS Standard

Extendable Truck Bed Slide WORKS Standard

for Mercedes Benz X-Class

Product number: 2445250FN
Choose an installation kit!
with drilling (can't be ordered individually)
0,00 incl. 16% VAT
delivery time approx 10 days
without drilling
227,45 incl. 16% VAT delivery time approx 5 Tage


The new drawer system WORKS
With our new extractable sliding tray WORKS, loading and securing the load in your Pickup Truck becomes much easier.
The new drawer system with its aluminum construction opens up many new possibilities for individual assembly and usage of the pickup loading area.
Optimize your Truck bed for personal usage by mounting additional parts, such as side panels (Model WORKS Premium), bicycle holder and custom components to your Pickup Truck.
The platform can be pulled out to 2/3 with 5 security stops. The new unlock system can be actuated with one hand by two fingers.
The sliding tray WORKS comes completely pre-assembled. Before usage it only hat to be fixed to the vehicle using the supplied assembly kit. A load up to 250 kg in extended position and up to 450 kg in retracted position can be transported on the new WORKS.
For Mercedes Benz X-Class.




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